Linfield Industrial Park • Kinsey Distillery, Linfield, PA

Linfield Industrial Park • Kinsey Distillery, Linfield, PA

A few years ago I found Forgotten PA, a blog that focuses on abandoned and forgotten about industrial parts of what made Pennsylvania great.  There’s one spot that I’ve been meaning to go explore since discovering the site, but still haven’t.  This morning I found myself with little actual work to do and no commitments, but didn’t feel like driving two hours north to the spot I’ve been contemplating going.  So I looked around on the blog for something closer, and found Linfield Industrial Park, at roughly an hour drive I packed my bag on an amazing day and drove down. 

The blog was written in 2007, it does not mention anywhere to actually get into the park, nor does anywhere else that I tried to Google.  To confuse matters even more, it’s also referred to as the Kinsey Distillery, but no address.  Going off a rough guess, I set the GPS in my iPhone and headed out.

My purpose in going was three-fold.  I’ve [always] been really impressed with friend and fellow photographer Andipantz‘s ability to go on day-trips and photograph amazing places.  I need to do this more often -said myself.  I rarely shoot for myself anymore, when I do, it’s not really landscapes or cityscape, and I want to get better at them.  Lastly, it was a recon mission, I hope to be doing a model shoot here very soon.

I actually managed to find the place with great ease, on a perfect day.  There are no real photos from inside any of the buildings because I didn’t bring a flashlight and there are virtually no windows, there’s also water on all floors from what I could tell, so I’m not sure how stable the floors actually are and stuck mostly to the one stairwell I shot in, then carefully walked across the roof of one building.  That’s where the shots of the water tower and power plant came from.

My imagination for shooting with a model here is running wild, I can only imagine how crazy this place must look with grey storm clouds above.  I’m also hoping to do another adventure somewhere similar soon.