April 15, 2017 by Mike Europe 0

Como, Italy

Como, Italy

About 45 minutes by car south of where Sam & Deb live is Como, Italy.  Immediately upon crossing the border there’s a sense of being in Italy; Potholes are everywhere!  Made me feel like being in Pennsylvania all over again, with the exception of hearing a high revving Ferrari now and again.

Founded by the Romans in 196 BC, Como is now mostly known for being the home of George Clooney and other celebrities, none of which I bumped into.  The lake is beautiful, even on slightly overcast days and the vibrant color of the buildings are wonderful.

We grabbed lunch and then gelato, walked around a bit then headed back across the border to Switzerland.  I’d like to revisit northern Italy at some point, mostly to eat more food and gelato but partly because it really is beautiful.