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Kiddie Kloes Abandoned Factory in Lansford, PA

Kiddie Kloes Abandoned Factory in Lansford, PA

When a friend sends a random link to an abandoned building that’s under an hour away with some pretty cool photos and an invite to go the next day, one goes along.  This morning a few of us rolled into the former coal cracking town of Lansford, PA, which in it’s day was probably something a tad nicer.  Life isn’t easy in former coal towns and this one has seen better days.  Lansford is the home to Kiddie Kloes, a clothing factory that made Cinderella brand clothing, amongst others.  Sadly, it closed in 1988 and has been neglected and to die by the side of the road, ironically in the center of the city, only a few dozen yards from the local football stadium.

The Nitty Gritty

Getting into this place sucks.  I’ll leave it at that.  25 years of broken windows, has let thousands of birds in, based off the poop on the work floors.  Rain water has seeped in making some of the floors buckle from swelling and shrinking, while holes are in other sections of the place.  The natural light pours in factory glass, what’s left of it.  There are still dozens of machines left, spools of thread and labels that will never be sewn on clothing, along with time cards that won’t ever get punched.  It’s sad, because the building will sooner or later fall to the ground, and so much could be salvaged before hand. The weathered bricks would make for beautiful pavers while the wood could easily be turned into new flooring for a home, dining room tables or even mantles.  Sadly, Made in the U.S.A. doesn’t hold the weight it used to.


I’d like to thank everyone who has shared this on Facebook, via email or other social networks.  Reading the stories from those who have lived in Lansford, worked at the factory or had family who worked there has warmed my heart, even if what’s left is cold and decrepit.  Please continue leaving comments and sharing with those who may have worked here, I’d like to keep reading future comments and for as many to see as possible.  I’d also like to make prints available to anyone interested for a very reasonable price, if interested.  Please contact me with what image(s) you’d be interested in along with a size and I’ll get you a quote.