May 1, 2016 by Mike North America 0

Bombay Beach, Salton Sea, CA

Bombay Beach, Salton Sea, CA

For years I’ve wanted to explore the Salton Sea and surrounding areas, a once thriving community billed as the new French Rivera.  Due to rising salinity levels in the Salton Sea, fishing and other recreational sports in and around the sea are no longer possible, most people moved away decades ago and the town has mostly been forgotten.

There are a few people who hold on and still live here, how I’m not sure.  The smell of rotten fish along the shore is nearly unbearable in the mid-day sun and there seems to be no sustainable marketplace outside a forty-five minute or more drive. Why people choose to live here is beyond me.

Overall the drive into Bombay Beach is visually stunning, for those into urban exploring and dilapidated buildings of businesses and homes that once were.  It’s also sad that such a beautiful place can’t support life.

This set covers my drive in and around Bombay Beach. a place that really enjoyed but only in a very small dose.