Tattoo Master 21 Featuring Keith B Machineworks

Posted in Published Work by Mike Panic
13 Aug 2013
Tattoo Master 21 Featuring Keith B Machineworks

Being inspired by the people around me is important, and while often grumpy, Keith B has been a longtime friend who has inspired and encouraged me to start my own business and had my back for years.  Over the last few years he’s become one of the most sought after tattoo machine builders, brilliantly handcrafting them one at a time in his workshop while remaining humble and grounded. Over a month ago he asked me to come take photos of him building machines and some finished ones for an upcoming magazine interview. 

Keith is finally getting the much deserved shine he’s deserved in  Tattoo Master 21, out now.  Steve Pearson, a member of the #KBMWCT did the interview, and asked all the right questions without poking the bear too much.  Go order a copy now!