Posted in People by Mike Panic
27 Jun 2012

Two weeks ago I sent a text to Neil, inquiring about going to a flea market early the next morning.  He said sure, but wanted to bring his niece along who just got in from Ireland, to show her some of the fun stuff we have here in Pennsylvania.  The more the merrier I told him, and at 6:45 the next morning Neil was introducing me to Laura.  Upon first meet, Laura is soft spoken, with a charming and thick Irish accent.  I knew instantly I needed to take her photo. 

It was only after walking around for a bit and getting to know her did I find out she came to America to teach music at a summer camp and then move to Nashville to pursue her dream of being a country singer / songwriter.  I asked Laura if she’d be interesting in sitting for a session, and without blinking said, sure! Quickly after she said she’s never done anything like this and asked to bring her guitar, which was an obvious yes for me.

Having never posed and being slightly nervous upon arriving at the studio I asked her to sit on a stool and play for me, to which she asked if she could sing as well.  Shooting while someone is singing is difficult at best, but I wanted her to feel comfortable and relax.  This is where the fun and enjoyment started for me.  For the next five minutes I didn’t shoot a single frame, rather I listened to a beautiful and warm voice come from the soft spoken woman I spent a few hours at a flea market with just days earlier.  Neil and I got a private concert, which was amazing, I only hope my photos of Laura can equal the gift she gave me that evening.