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Griddle 145 Good Eats Tasty Treats

by Mike Panic, No Comments
27 Jun 2013

Months ago I did a shoot for some friends who own an amazing restaurant in Whitehall, Griddle 145.  The photos were used for a campaign with Lehigh Valley Marketplace, who also did the graphic design work.  The photos should speak for themselves food wise, it’s amazing.  I eat there at least once a week and it’s become a favorite spot to have meetings at (they have wi-fi!) and everyone who works there are great.  If you live in the general Lehigh Valley area, you must make a trip, actually make several.  [..]

Gas Pumps From Another Era

by Mike Panic, 1 Comment
23 May 2008

While walking around the Whitehall Parkway doing the shoot with Christy we stopped to admire, the rusting gas pumps from yesteryear.  I don’t know why they were placed here, nor do I know how long they will continue to deteriorate, but the tones, textures and colors were really appealing to me.  While more of my work is leading towards black & white, I felt the strong browns and oranges in these photos needed to be seen by others how I saw them in person. [..]