Case Study: GO! Tattoo Removal SEO Success

Posted in Case Study by Mike Panic
15 Apr 2013
Case Study: GO! Tattoo Removal SEO Success

After 9 months of research, planning and gathering details, a long time friend and I launched a new business, GO! Tattoo Removal in September of 2012.  I’ve already covered the building and design of the site, but just because you have a website doesn’t mean people can find you and that a new business can succeed.  Unlike my previous case study on SEO where the client had an existing site and client base, I was starting from nothing.

To start this project I took a look at the competition, but beyond that I tried to figure out how potential clients would find me.  Being a walk-in location, this means targeting a much smaller audience that will actually convert to sales.  The site itself has been optimized properly to allow proper crawling, but the contentious update of content has really helped move GO! Tattoo Removal to the top of the pack.

None of the methods used are what the industry considers black hat techniques which often give really great, fast results, but long term damage.  All the work here took the better part of 7 months to accomplish, through hard work, effort and attention to detail.  With that, I’m proud to say that for the targeted keywords GO! Tattoo Removal was after, they are not only ranked first in Google, but also second (after paid ads)!